Delivery Information


NOTE: Following BREXIT, the downgrading of the British Pound Sterling (GBP) against the EURO resulted in the European dealers getting Warrior gear SUPER CHEAP, and since then the Europeans have kept the Warrior shelves stripped bare. We cannot track the stock-status as it is very fluid. Orders placed may be on back-order. You will secure "your place in line" by ordering here. You will be informed if item is on BO. ETAs are not currently available. It may be days to months. Warrior does not publish the shipment schedules. We are getting shipments in each week, however the contents of these shipments are not known until they clear US Customs.

1) We primarily use the US Postal service for items that can fit in the LARGE PRIORITY MAIL box or smaller, as these are the lowest cost to ship.

2) When weight or size exceeds these limits, you can expect UPS to deliver the gear. Therefore PO Boxes may become an issue with orders of this size.

3) Most items ship to you once the financials clear. Some items however take a couple of weeks before shipping, as some items actually ship from the UK and have to clear US Customs.

4) When a multiple orders arrive and deplete stock on hand, the following will be used to triage shipment:

a) US Service Personnel (USSP) Downrange

b) Allied Service Personnel (ASSP) Downrange

c) USSP/ASSP Deploying


e) Non-Service shipments

5) Drop Ship: Products that are drop shipped are sent directly from the warehouse to you.

6) Back-Orders: Warrior products are seeing a global demand that often out paces production. On rare occasion, an item may be back-ordered all the way to the 3 factories that make Warrior Assault Systems Ltd. gear. When this occurs it can take up to a 2 quarters before the item ships.

7) Military Contracts: MILCONs by nature take priority over all commercial orders. WAS and other manufacturers listed on our site work with various governments to supply military forces. When these contracts are being fulfilled, all commercial customers (Tun Tavern Tactical LLC included) must wait.

***PROHIBITED ITEMS: If you are not permitted by any code, law or ordinance from ordering a product, do not do so. By placing an order with Tun Tavern Tactical LLC you are certifying that you may lawfully do so, further you agree to indemnify Tun Tavern Tactical, LLC for any actions brought as a result of your order. Tun Tavern Tactical is not responsible for your actions.

ORDERS PLACED WHICH ARE THEN CANCELLED MAY BE SUBJECT TO A RESTOCK FEE OF UP TO 15% [Note: This charge is based on actual expenses incurred such as credit card processing charges, shipping costs (from UK/Port), Customs charges and taxes.]