about Us

Tun Tavern Tactical LLC

Is a USMC/US Army Veteran owned & operated venture. We strive to deliver the very best value in the highest quality tactical gear. Warrior Assault Systems represents superior functionality, durability and craftsmanship. We have carefully chosen Warrior as our premier product line. Warrior Assault Systems is a UK based, SAS Veteran owned & operated business. The Warrior line of products are used by members of virtually all NATO coalition forces and contract operators in the Middle East, Horn of Africa, and on classifed ops worldwide. Tun Tavern Tactical LLC is both proud & honored to bring Warrior's products to the USA. Products sold under the Tun Tavern Tactical LLC manufacture name on this site are not made by us, but are aquired from varied US sources- and therefore sold under our name, as it is impractical to change the site with each shipment. We do this to bring you the best value. The items purchased will clearly indicate the manufacturer.

About the name: "TUN" is the middle English word for "keg" (of beer or gunpowder) On 10 NOVEMBER 1775 a group of Patriots gathered at a watering hole in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that was appropriately named Tun Tavern. Together they started what we now call THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. In October of the same year, they established what would become the UNITED STATES NAVY. The flags of each of these organisations today are quite popular among today's Patriot community: The "Gadsen" flag, yellow with a coiled rattlesnake and the caption "DON'T TREAD ON ME" Was the 1st USMC flag, while the striped Navy "Jack" with the outstretched rattler, again with "DON'T TREAD ON ME" was the 1st USN flag. The Navy Jack, continues today to fly on US Navy Ships until the Global War on Terror is over. With such a rich history of patriotism, we chose TUN TAVERN to represent our name as well.

In two wars, the united States of America and the British Empire were antagonists. Now, America & Great Britiain are the closest of Allies. Patriotic Veterans both here in the USA & England have joint ventured to bring you the very best high-speed, low drag, tactical gear.